Myshroom won the YScience Food pitching competition.

Showcasing next era innovations delivering sustainable food systems at Y Science

Team Myshroom on the stage (Image: Marjaana Lindy)

Amidst the inspiring first day of Slush, the side event Y Science retook place at the venue Messukeskus in Helsinki, showcasing the most promising science-backed inventions. Y Science brought together over 1400 registered participants this year, uniting the impact-driven scientific community with forward-thinking investors and businesses. Viikki Food Design Factory co-organized the event for the third consecutive year and hosted its food systems session and associated pitching competition. While Myshroom walked away with the 5000 euro prize, all Germinator teams were pleased with the networking opportunities and important connections to investors and other potential partners provided by the Y Science event. Indeed, having established itself as a key event for early science-based business cases and deep tech, Y Science plays a pivotal role in driving the development of sustainable solutions for our global food systems, among other themes. EIT HEI 4innoPipe project did supply the prize to the winner team, Myshroom. (Text: Laura Forsman Viikki Food Design Factory Project Manager)