3rd 4InnoPipe course Kick off in Helsinki 29th of September

4InnoPipe is a joint entrepreneurial program of Reutlingen University (Germany), Zagreb Business School (Croatia), Kyiv Academic University (Ukraine) and Helsinki University (Finland). The course aims to help participants acquire the skills to create business solutions with positive societal and environmental impact. It also aims to develop the potential of course participants and to teach them how to apply this potential in whatever they do, as entrepreneurs, active citizens, and employees in the public, private or third sector.

The Third 4InnoPipe course was kicked off last week online. For the University of Helsinki students also an onsite event was held in the Viikki Campus. The students were working with following topics: Problem identification, grouping, ideation practices, Deep Dive into Sustainability. The Lecturer was Dr. Lyubomyr Matsekh-Ukrayinskyy from Reutlingen University.